Our clients feature a selection of top-tier investment, retail banks, financial institutions and major insurers. Our solutions are in use every day by tens of thousands of individuals spanning multiple continents.

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What we offer 

Millions of dollars have been saved by facilitating views of billions of dollars of expenditure and asset utilisation. For the first time, organisations have been able to understand their cost allocations at a detailed level across business silos to make intelligent cost-reduction decisions with minimal impact. 

EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) dashboards provide an integrated hierarchical view of Key Performance Indicators across the business. We have successfully implemented such views for HR organisations, banking COOs, IT senior management and project stakeholders.

Today's IT security departments face tough challenges on a daily basis, with the need to respond quickly to analyse new threats as they arise.  Our clients rely on us to provide the expertise and resources to create analysis platforms that can make sense of unusual activity within hours, not days or weeks.